Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New blog and new ideas...hopefully.

Welcome to my new blog! I apologise for the test posts that got through rss.

I'm running now on WordPress which seems to be light years ahead of Pixelpost that my last blog was running on. I'm starting fresh and saved only 20 pictures from the previous blog and made a portfolio out of them. That blog already was more like portfolio than a real blog. This time I'm going to post about 1-5 pictures per post in a mini project kind of manner. Sometimes I might only post one picture and maybe not write a single word with it. I'm also trying to stress less about posting only 'good' pictures.

Anyway, here's few snapshots from todays trip from work. I have Noctilux pictures coming up and I will also be testing out a lens that was made before World War II.


  1. The concrete "parking house" and Kvarken Archipelago = composition perfect. I was perhaps too quick in my previous "remark".


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