Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pictures of pictures

It has taken me over a year to get four lousy pictures up on the walls of our home.

I forgot to set the appropriate lens coding, so that's why these pictures have reddish corners.

Above pictures in our hallway I took on our trip to Rome. I only had Holga with me and it turned out to be perfect camera for that trip.

Our bedroom is decorated with a picture taken near a place we used to live before. I have walked pass this spot hundreds of times.  The picture is printed on canvas by the way.

That picture is two meters wide although it looks smaller in here. It was taken with Holga on one roll of film which was then scanned and printed as a whole except couple of frames from the beginning and end. On closer look one can see frame numbers on the bottom of the picture. Frames are overlapping on purpose and it was the result of misusing Holga.

By the way, when I removed everything from the old site I didn't think anyone would miss anything. One person contacted me that he would like to have the film development timer back, so I put it up again.

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