Monday, June 28, 2010

Pictures from 2008 revisited

I once again dug the archives and found few of my favorite pictures from the year 2008.

Can't beat fog. It makes every picture better.

This was taken at Linnanmäki. It kind of reminded me of Twin Peaks.

An altar for television?

Medium format square film is still my favorite medium. Too bad it's becoming very expensive to develop and it's still pain in the ass to scan.

I tried Horizon panorama camera back in the 2008 but found it too difficult to use comfortably. This picture is from a stair case from a place I use to live.

Oh so cute.

Sky canoe.

We went to Rome with my wife. I loved the place and on top of that got a lot of keepers with my beloved Holga.

More Holga fun.

Some fog again in Seurasaari.

Cousin of mine taking a nap on a car trip. I used Leica M6 at the time.

Man with huge a magic wand.

Break shot.

Some basket ball court.

This one I have on our wall as a triptych. Picture was taken at Uunisaari.

Hobo and pigeon.

Swan giving me a bad eye.


Goat of some sort at Korkeasaari.

I shot a lot of flowers back then and I'm not completely past that.

Juxtaposition at buss stop.

I wish I could get all pictures to tell a story but that's rarely the case.

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  1. Hi,
    I must say I really like your photography. "Contemplative", thoughtful. I have lived a hectic life both in business and [amateur] photography, but I'm now trying to slow down both. Bought an M9 for my last bonus and now I try to accept a slower pace and very much more mindful photography. Your images are a true inspiration! Even if I think that some of your last work could have benefitted a little from f/2 or more (less?), like the wonderful chair and table. Shallow depth may have its merit, but that composition is so very beautiful, that I wish for little more depth. But who am I to tell the Master?
    BTW liked the pier. Don't really understand the problem with the flag.. :o)

    Best regards
    Bo from Stockholm


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