Monday, July 26, 2010

There haven't been this much sunshine and warm weather in Finland for as long as I can remember, which is excellent.

We spent most of my two week vacation in remote locations with my family.  Remote meaning mostly no electricity or running water. That also meant I ran out of batteries and missed a lot of shots because of poor battery life of the M9.

I shot maybe two frames with 15mm and the rest of the vacation with Noctilux wide open at f/1.0 using 3 stop ND filter because of the bright conditions. I should just glue the aperture ring to f/1 since I never seem to stop down.

I continue to be impressed about the M9 jpg files. The colors are excellent and best since the original Canon 5D which I liked a lot in terms of colors and tones. Those files files felt like Kodak Elite Chrome slide film. Nikon D700 files had a totally different feel to them and felt more like some C41 film which I generally don't like.

Cows in Stundars have weird fashion accessories.

Something clicked inside my head with this boat, lines and colors.

iPhone 4 of the 1880s.

This is were I do my reading.

Every summer cabin in Finland has one.

I forgot the 3 stop nd filter on the lens when I shot this poor hedgehog and ended up using ISO 1600.

Owner of this pier has has some flag issues.

Old bottles at Stundars.

Door to the forest.

Sunset bokeh magic.

Our local shop.

A bit of flare doesn't hurt.

People have weird stuff at their cabins.

Young archer.


Some fish got smoked.

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  1. Those are amazing shots. There is still definitely nothing quite like spending a vacation so close to nature.


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