Thursday, November 11, 2010

Testing Hipstamatic: The Dalí Museum GoodPak

The iPhone app Hipstamatic has now a new hipstapak available which is called The Dalí Museum GoodPak. As a fan of Hipstamatic I couldn't resist getting it. I can't recommend it though. It comes with 'film' and 'lens'. 'Dream canvas' film is pretty much useless because it is very ugly. 'Ina's 1969' film for example looks much better in my opinion for every purpose. 'Salvador 84' lens produces mostly crap and almost never makes a picture more interesting in anyway.

Here's few samples. First two and the last one are taken with the Dream canvas film and the two b&w pictures use BlacKeys B+W film.

It seems to pick an object from the picture, double it and place it to the left side of the frame.

Pictures with lots of details it just messes up badly.

For portraits it might produce interesting results. Here for example it made me but uggly and weird although I'm beautifull and quite normal.

Double animal again.

Double exposure kind of thing going on here.

1 comment:

  1. so the double is randomly produced? it's not so bad though.


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