Friday, November 11, 2011

My little iPhone app review: Pocketbooth vs. Incredibooth vs. Classicbooth

There's three different 'photoboot' apps on my iPhone and I want to get rid of two of them. One should be enough, right?

Here's all the three apps and their main attributes.

  • Pocketbooth: resolution 489 x 2608, front and rear camera, 5 photo effects, 2 strip size and a lot of other options for frames and such.
  • Incredibooth: resolution 520 x 2720, only front camera, 4 photo effects and that's it. Very basic.
  • ClassicBooth: 484 x 2592, front and rear camera, couple of options.
I'm surprised that there's not much difference in resolution between them, considering that one of them has support only for the front camera. Incredibooth has to go because it's nice to have rear camera for some occasions even though it doesn't seem to have effect on resolution. The lens on the rear camera is better and I bet in low light there would be a huge difference in image quality.

Images from ClassicBooth has a lot more contrast and punch compared to Pocketbooth. All that is easy to add in post processing but out of the box ClassicBooth has the edge.

It's a difficult choice between Pocketbooth and Classicbooth but I think I will keep Pocketbooth because it has so many options.

Here's a quick sample from all of them side by side (click to view bigger):


Friday, November 4, 2011

My little iPhone app review: Movie FX Cam

I have been looking a long time for an iPhone camera replacement app that would have black and white 'viewfinder'. It means that what you see on the screen of your phone is what you will get in the picture. It's a lot more fun to compose and take pictures in b&w if you intend to shoot those pictures in monochrome anyway.

Movie FX Cam is the first application I have found that does that. The app itself is a bit crappy. Let's get all the negative out of the way so we can concentrate on the good stuff. It crashed the first time I tried to use it but haven't done it since so it is usable. It has very annoying welcome screen and you have to "Touch to start" to get to shooting. I don't see the point and it just makes it slow to start. It has low output resolution of 2048 x 1530 px compared to native cameras 2592 x 1936 px and it could use a lot of usability tweaks.

 The app can be used to shoot movies as well but I'm not interested in that so I only shot stills. Movie FX Cam has many effects but I have been mostly using 'Film Noir' effect which I like a lot. I shot a funeral once with Leica M6 + pre-asph 35mm Summilux and Kodak Tri-X which was pushed couple of stops in development. 'Film Noir' effect looks a lot like those pictures. The fake film grain is the best I have seen in any iPhone application. Pictures taken in the dark show blotchier grain but that's because the iPhone camera sensor can't handle low light and produces actual noise.

 More of my iPhoneography can be found here.

Here's few samples taken with Movie FX Cam and iPhone 4:

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